Here are some examples of our prestige pearl earrings. Be sure to also look at our Piercing Studs.
All Pearl stud earrings are AAA quality. They come in Round & Flat and in various sizes from 5mm to 9mm. We have them in White, Purple, Peach, Black & Brown.
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Silver/Alloy, drop 7-8mm AAA - White
(Item #: pe064-W)
Silver/Alloy, drop 7-8mm AAA - Peach
(Item #: pe064-PE)
Silver/Alloy, drop 7-8mm AAA - Purple
(Item #: pe064-PU)
Cluster - drop 6-7mm AA - White
(Item #: PE-Cluster-W)
Cluster - drop 6-7mm AA - Peach
(Item #: PE-Cluster-PE)
Cluster - drop 6-7mm AA - Multicolor
(Item #: PE-Cluster-M)